We believe that the Internet changes everyone's life. The rest of this story is up to us ...

And so Codeq was born, a place where we all strive to always make a change for the better. When delivering our products, we make sure that they have a positive impact on your business.

Our Team

We help polish fresh ideas and develop matured businesses

We are a team of development, design and strategy specialists. We join forces to support our clients in achieving their goals.

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Check the technologies we work with

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Our Solutions

The key to success

To succeed, we go back to the basics - data analysis or conversation with the client - because we believe that the past can help us create the future. Our solutions should not only work, but also change our environment.

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Our Pragmatism

We focus on value, not work hours.

When planning projects, we focus on things that are the most important from a client’s point of view. We know that the design process does not have to be long and complicated, and a WordPress or Shopify website is difficult to use.

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