Zdjęcie z projektu dla biura rachunkowego Księgowość MTR

MTR accounting

Working with the accounting office Accounting MTR we were asked to create a new website of a business and informative nature.

The accounting office MTR accounting LLC provides accounting services to business entities and individual clients. It provides comprehensive services in accounting, HR, payroll and taxes.

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The customer came to us to create a website for a new holding company with several subsidiaries.

MetaPolonia is a capital group whose goal is continuous development based on teamwork. The subsidiaries consist of a group of professionals who are guided by long-term perspective and who care for the satisfaction of all stakeholders in their business environment.

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Amber Glow

The job assignment was to create a visual image along with a website for a customer in the amber jewelry branch.

The company deals with the production of silver jewelry with Baltic amber and semi-finished products. Amber Glow is a continuance of over 30 years of family tradition, in which knowledge about the secrets of amber processing are passed down from generation to generation.

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  • Design
  • Website

This project included the creation of a new image of the company's existing website. We designed the UX / UI concept, we created a graphic design from scratch and we programmed a website supported by CMS WordPress. The goal of the new site is to actively acquire new customers and build the company's image on the web.


In the project, we used the Source Sans Pro font in three variants: regular 400, semi-bold 600 and bold 700. It belongs to the sans-serif family and is available under an open license. It is characterized by good readability and is perfectly suited to the interface layer.

Graphic of typographic used in that project


The colors used are related to the colors found in the company’s logo and the entire brand. The colors in shades of gray are taken from the company's business profile, while colors in shades of pink refer to the contrasting color used in the logo.



The website has been programmed using CMS WordPress. Among the assumed goals was to design the easiest way to manage the site, which was carried out using the ACF plugin. The project was created based on the latest technology and accepted standards.



  • Sass
  • Sketch
  • WordPress
  • GSAP
  • PHP
  • Webpack


The interface has been designed for a typical business profile with a focus on neatness and convenience of browsing the site. The accepted and designed project is visually rich in the expressiveness of colors and the graphics used, and at the same time decorated with very delicate animations. Thanks to these factors the site is readable and easy to understand.


I am very satisfied with the quality of work done by Codeq. The project included the reconstruction of the website for my company and was carried out in an excellent manner. Great advice given by this company and knowledge of current trends deserves additional attention.

Magdalena TreppaMTR accounting LTD

Working hours:

8:00 - 18:00 (CEST)