Photo from CERI project


CERI International belongs to the Commerzbank capital group. We have completed an inspiring project for them. The goal of this project was to completely rebuild the website.

CERI International Sp. z o.o. is part of Commerzbank. It specializes in handling banking processes for financial institutions, software testing, process automation and customer verification. The German Commerzbank AG has been a 100% shareholder of CERI International since March of 2012.

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Zdjęcie z projektu dla biura rachunkowego Księgowość MTR

MTR accounting

Working with the accounting office Accounting MTR we were asked to create a new website of a business and informative nature.

The accounting office MTR accounting LLC provides accounting services to business entities and individual clients. It provides comprehensive services in accounting, HR, payroll and taxes.

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Amber Glow

The job assignment was to create a visual image along with a website for a customer in the amber jewelry branch.

The company deals with the production of silver jewelry with Baltic amber and semi-finished products. Amber Glow is a continuance of over 30 years of family tradition, in which knowledge about the secrets of amber processing are passed down from generation to generation.

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We have completed a project to rebuild the website for the Dutch-Polish software house. The old site was outdated and required changes in design.

Yameo is a Dutch-Polish software house with over 13 years of experience in IT development, support and maintenance. They create extended IT systems of various scopes tailored to clients individual needs around the world. Yameo solutions are used by the largest non-governmental organizations in the world and some African countries, including such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana.

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  • Design
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Business cards

We divided the process of building the brand into several stages. We started the construction of the brand by creating the right stylistic concept, and then we designed the company logo. We created a website, in order to reach the company's customers on the web and have the ability to access the online jewelry catalog. We also designed advertising materials in the form of business cards and brochures for the purpose of trade shows.


We designed a contemporary logo in the typographic-serif style. There is a clear reference to amber work, accentuated by a simple amber drop symbol, which is inscribed in the font.



As part of the Amber Glow brand building process, we created a website. The site was built using WordPress CMS, and its main function is access to the online catalog of the company's trademark products. The site was built using the latest technology and has a distinct mark of serif design.



  • Sass
  • Sketch
  • WordPress
  • GSAP
  • PHP
  • Webpack


Among the goals to be achieved in the field of UX / UI design was to obtain the maximum ease of browsing the website by the client while focusing on the most important sections on the site - obtaining information about the company and access to the gallery and catalog.



We designed business cards and brochures in A5 format for the amber trade shows. The designed materials are characterized by clarity and modern design. The files delivered to the client were prepared and ready for printing.



The colors used in the project are a direct reference to shades of amber and are clearly associated with it. The whole style is complemented by typography in shades of gray as an expression of elegance in jewelry.



Playfair Display was used as the main font in two variants: regular 400 and bold 700. This font belongs to the serif family and is perfectly suitable for highlighting section titles and in situations where there are small amounts of texts on the page. This is due to the high Y axis in which it was designed.


My company needed to develop a comprehensive visual image for the purpose of increasing Amber Glow brand awareness at the amber trade shows. Designed logos, business cards, brochures and website have greatly helped us advertise online and at various events.

Bartłomiej KozłowskiAmber Glow