Zdjęcie z projektu dla biura rachunkowego Księgowość MTR

MTR accounting

Working with the accounting office Accounting MTR we were asked to create a new website of a business and informative nature.

The accounting office MTR accounting LLC provides accounting services to business entities and individual clients. It provides comprehensive services in accounting, HR, payroll and taxes.

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The customer came to us to create a website for a new holding company with several subsidiaries.

MetaPolonia is a capital group whose goal is continuous development based on teamwork. The subsidiaries consist of a group of professionals who are guided by long-term perspective and who care for the satisfaction of all stakeholders in their business environment.

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Amber Glow

The job assignment was to create a visual image along with a website for a customer in the amber jewelry branch.

The company deals with the production of silver jewelry with Baltic amber and semi-finished products. Amber Glow is a continuance of over 30 years of family tradition, in which knowledge about the secrets of amber processing are passed down from generation to generation.

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We have completed a project to rebuild the website for the Dutch-Polish software house. The old site was outdated and required changes in design.

Yameo is a Dutch-Polish software house with over 13 years of experience in IT development, support and maintenance. They create extended IT systems of various scopes tailored to clients individual needs around the world. Yameo solutions are used by the largest non-governmental organizations in the world and some African countries, including such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana.

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  • Design
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Business cards

The project involved logo design along with the construction of a new website. The logo matches the style of all MetaPolonia subsidiaries, and the design of the website attracts attention with its modern and subtle graphics. An additional task was to design a new business card.


The logo was designed in compliance with the preceding brand and as well as the subsidiaries. The colors, typography, and modular character of the seal bind the visual image of the company.



The website is supported by CMS WordPress and is based on the Genesis framework. It is characterized by exceptional code neatness and adjusting to organic search results. The graphics visible on the site are driven by the efficient GSAP library.



  • Sass
  • Sketch
  • WordPress
  • GSAP
  • PHP
  • Webpack


We designed the interface for maximum performance and convenience of UX / UI - the aim of the website was to present information about the MetaPolonia group and its subsidiaries along with a quick access to contact information. For this purpose, we didn’t allow scrolling on the page so that the displayed information is always at the top.


We created modern business cards, on which we placed the company and contact information on the front, and the subsidiaries on the reverse side. The business cards were prepared directly for professional printing.



The page colors are clearly in line with the style of the logo, with predominant shades of yellow and green. Everything is complemented by elegant gray, which is a direct reference to the group's business importance.



We used the Montserrat font, both for paragraphs and headings. This free font which has become available in recent years and gained enormous popularity combines a modern look with the tradition of urban typography from the first half of the twentieth century.


"Our goal was to professionally present the MetaPolonia capital group on the Internet. The designed logo fits into the group’s business profile, and its style corresponds with the logos of our subsidiaries. The website meets the information needs of our business partners. Innovation, careful graphic design and great customer service - these qualities distinguish Codeq.

Paweł KozawskiMetaPolonia LTD