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Yameo wanted to recreate website completely and increase its prestige. It was really important for them to create a modern website that could help reach them business goals. The security of website, high frontend and backend quality as well as the possibility to easily manage the site through WordPress were among main requirements. All goals have been achieved.


Website displayed on a laptop


The website has been programmed using CMS WordPress. Among the assumed goals was to design the easiest way to manage the site and providing high security for site. The project was created based on the latest technology and accepted standards.


  • Sass
  • WordPress
  • Docker
  • PHP
  • Webpack
Logo Docker

Codeq created our website based on WordPress. They programmed the frontend of our website thoroughly and they also designed the backend of the site perfectly. We chose Codeq because of their previous excellent work in terms of WordPress. They truly are professionals when it comes to WordPress.

Katarzyna PiaseckaProject Manager, Yameo