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    What is a free consultation?

    We invite you to take advantage of a free consultation via Google Meet. We understand perfectly that every project and client is unique, which is why we prioritize an individual approach to each client.

    The free consultation we offer is an excellent opportunity to get to know our team and discuss your ideas, expectations, and goals related to your digital needs. It’s a non-binding session aimed at better understanding your requirements and presenting the possibilities and solutions we can offer.

    During the consultation, our specialists will focus on listening to and understanding your vision, as well as answering any questions you may have. It’s also an excellent opportunity to discuss all project details, such as functionalities, design, or special requirements.

    It’s worth emphasizing that our free consultation does not commit you to further cooperation. It serves as a kind of brief that will help us better understand your expectations and tailor our proposal to your needs.

    We invite you to take advantage of our free consultation and join the ranks of satisfied clients.

    Free consultation

    What is our workflow?

    Tworzenie stron internetowych to nasza pasja. Nasz proces projektowy obejmuje staranne etapy, które zapewniają, że każda witryna spełnia oczekiwania i osiąga zamierzone cele.

    Free consultation

    Even the longest journey requires a first step. It’s important to take this step in the right direction. A free consultation helps define the project problem and chart the path to finding the right solution.

    Free consultation


    In the “Discovery” phase, we focus on exploring your needs and business goals. We conduct thorough analyses, consultations, and market research to better understand your industry and audience expectations. We gather all the necessary data to make informed decisions in the subsequent stages of the project.


    Based on the collected data, we create a strategy that will serve as the foundation for the project. We define goals, determine key performance indicators (KPIs), and specify which functionalities will be crucial for achieving those goals.


    In this phase, we analyze competitive websites and industry best practices. This allows us to identify areas where we can stand out and inspires us to create innovative solutions.

    Design UX/UI

    The next stage is designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). We create wireframes, prototypes, and graphics that reflect the look and functionality of the future website. Our goal is to ensure intuitive and attractive navigation.


    The development phase is a very intense period of bringing the project to life. At this stage, programming work is carried out, and the product matures and begins to function as it should.

    Quality Assurance

    In this stage, we conduct thorough tests to check the website’s performance on various browsers and devices. We verify the correct operation of all functions, identifying and fixing any potential errors or imperfections.

    Continuous Improvement

    Further multidimensional product development carried out in project sprints. Development work is planned in the context of goal achievement and business metric optimization. A suitable set of research, design, programming, and marketing tools is selected for each sprint.

    Our workflow allows us to deliver websites that not only meet expectations but also exceed them, providing excellent user experiences and business results.

    Do we offer support after the project is completed?

    Of course – we offer comprehensive post-project support as part of our Continuous Improvements service. Our team provides dedicated technical support, regular updates, and maintenance for websites in a mutually agreed scope. We’re prepared to evolve website functionalities according to the changing needs of the client and monitor security, ensuring the stability and conversion of each site.

    We typically conduct further multidimensional product development in what we call project sprints. Development work is planned with the achievement of goals and optimization of business metrics in mind. For each sprint, a suitable set of research, design, programming, and marketing tools is selected.

    What inspires us?

    We believe that a strategy based on properly collected and analyzed data should be the foundation of every project. When building a strategy, we use the  Growth Driven Design approach developed by HubSpot.

    How much do your services cost?

    Each project is unique, just like business goals. That’s why we don’t have a fixed price list; every quote and estimation is based on a thorough interview conducted during a free consultation, where we inquire about specific needs and expectations.

    After the free consultation, we analyze the project’s complexity, scope of work, and any additional functionalities or requests from the client. We offer transparency and flexibility, tailoring our services to fit your budget. Typically, we provide quotes and proposals within 24 hours of the free consultation.