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Ecommerce Support – developer services

The support of an expert team allows for adapting e-commerce to the rapidly changing of users and the market. This, in turn, leads to a continuous increase in the business efficiency of the website, reduction in technical debt, and an even distribution of website maintenance costs.

How Ecommerce Support can help business?

E-commerce support is a service where a team of specialists, such as developers and UX/UI designers, provide assistance in key areas related to running an online store. This includes both technical aspects, such as configuring and maintaining the e-commerce platform, as well as activities related to UX design and research.

Ongoing technical support for an online store

The development team provides comprehensive technical support, including configuration and maintenance the e-commerce platform to ensure its smooth and trouble-free operation.

User path optimization

Continuous support from a UX designer ensures the maintenance of a positive user experience in the store by defining and eliminating bottlenecks in the user path and introducing new useful solutions to the interface.

Increasing customer loyalty

Continuous work on the development of an e-commerce website allows for adapting it to the needs and expectations of users, resulting in building trust and loyalty towards the brand.

Building a competitive advantage

Thanks to continuous support in maintaining and developing an e-commerce website, competitive advantages naturally arise. This is due to the product-focused approach philosophy, which is centered around continuously delivering value to the end user.

Quick response to issues

Thanks to the constant support of the development team, it is possible to have a quick response to any technical issue that arises, which can have negative business consequences.

Case Study

Supersonic Food – Food of the Future. Health food store.


Our cooperation with SUPERSONIC Food began with store optimization, and after a few months it turned into full maintenance of the e-commerce website. Thanks to our cooperation with SUPERSONIC Food, we managed to achieve results that resulted in increased sales and improved website use (User Experience).

I recommend cooperation with Codeq to everyone looking for a dedicated e-commerce partner. Their holistic approach to e-commerce development, maintenance and security was crucial to the success of our online store.

Chris Kozak Founder @ SuperSonic Food

Ecommerce website developer – customized support

Support in e-commerce plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and efficiency of online businesses. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth taking advantage of such support:

  1. Expertise and experience: Companies specializing in e-commerce support have knowledge and experience in the field of online sales. They have insights into best practices, market trends, and effective strategies that can help achieve success.
  2. Optimization and development: E-commerce support includes website optimization, content management, data analysis, A/B testing, and many other activities aimed at improving efficiency and sales performance. This allows for continuous development and improvement of your e-commerce platform.
  3. Security and technology: E-commerce support companies prioritize data security, protection against cyber attacks, and technological updates. This ensures that your e-commerce platform is secure and compliant with the latest standards.
  4. Scalability and flexibility: E-commerce support enables easy scaling of operations as your business grows. You can adapt your platform to meet growing needs and requirements without investing in additional infrastructure or resources.

In summary, utilizing e-commerce support can bring many benefits, such as increased sales, improved efficiency, better customer service, and gaining a competitive advantage.

Ecommerce support services by Codeq

Developer support for an online store refers to technical assistance and development of online store. A can help with various aspects, such as:

  1. Troubleshooting technical issues: A developer can assist in diagnosing and fixing, performance issues, or other technical difficulties that may arise in the online store.
  2. Updates and feature development: A developer can help with updating the online store, adding new features, integrating with other systems, or enhancing existing features to better meet business needs.
  3. Performance optimization: A developer can assist in optimizing the online store for loading speed, responsiveness, and overall performance, which can contribute to better user experiences and increased conversion.
  4. Security: A developer can help secure the online store against attacks, implement appropriate security protocols, and monitor potential threats.
  5. Integrations with external tools: A developer can assist in integrating the online store with other tools, such as payment systems, logistics systems, marketing tools, etc.

Developer e-commerce support for business

Support in an online store from a technical perspective is the role of an ecommerce web developer. Such a specialist is responsible for creating, maintaining, and developing the ecommerce store’s website. Here are a few key aspects that ecommerce web developer support covers:

  1. Website creation: An ecommerce web developer designs and creates the ecommerce store’s website. They handle the implementation of the user interface, payment integration, shopping cart management, and other functionalities necessary for online sales.
  2. Optimization and performance: An ecommerce web developer ensures the website is optimized for loading speed, responsiveness, and performance. They work on optimizing the code, compressing images, and using other techniques to provide the best user experience.
  3. Updates and fixes: An ecommerce web developer monitors and updates the ecommerce store’s website to ensure its security and compliance with the latest standards. They fix bugs, make improvements, and customize functionalities based on business needs and requirements.
  4. Integrations with other systems: Often, an ecommerce web developer is responsible for integrating the ecommerce store’s website with other systems, such as inventory management systems, payment systems, marketing tools, or logistics platforms. This ensures smooth operation of the entire commerce ecosystem.
  5. Testing and issue resolution: An ecommerce web developer conducts functional tests and resolves technical issues that may arise on the ecommerce store’s website. They monitor the website’s performance, analyze logs, and respond to any problems to ensure reliability and stability.

In summary, support from an ecommerce web developer is essential for maintaining and developing an online store. Such a specialist handles the technical aspects of the website, ensuring optimization, security, and functionality, which translates into a positive user experience and business success.

Trust our workflow

Great information architecture and comfortable navigation help users achieve their goals on your website. Build a website with us.


During the discovery phase, we collect all the necessary data that allows us to make informed decisions in the following stages of the project. It helps us co-create a clear roadmap and product backlog (not sure what you mean by backlog here, maybe replace this with strategy).


The UX and design phase consist of visualizing a previously developed concept. We recreate the information architecture and actualise your business goals through UX. Finally, the digital product comes to life with a specific visual style that aligns with your brand identity.


Using the right tools and tech stack, everything from discovery and design is transformed into the language of technology. Every solution is complemented by extensive testing from a wide range of devices.


The implementation of a digital product is only the beginning of the adventure. We offer support with maintenance and further development and are continuously present for our clients. Equipped with analytical data, we can create hypotheses and conduct A / B tests.

I recommend cooperation with Codeq to everyone looking for a dedicated e-commerce partner. Their holistic approach to e-commerce development, maintenance and security was crucial to the success of our online store.

chris kozak
Chris Kozak Co-Founder @ SuperSonic Food

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An experienced and well-coordinated project team

We employ the best WordPress and Shopify Developers in Poland with many years of commercial experience. We provide the highest quality of code and ongoing communication.

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The refined and tested project management process and the continuous care of the Project Manager guarantee uninterrupted access to the status of our projects.

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There are many specialists of various technologies on board our team. Thanks to them we are able to be your eyes and ears in the constantly changing world of technology.

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