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Case Study

Creating a new fintech website for Nayax Polska

Nayax is an Israeli company specializing in cashless payment solutions for retail businesses. Their innovative technology enables consumers to make payments using various methods such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and NFC-enabled devices. We have created a new website for Nayax Poland.


The main goal of the project was to redesign the existing website of Nayax’s Polish branch, with the following expected outcomes:

  • a new and better-designed lead generation path, serving as the culmination of the marketing funnel.
  • more comfortable and intuitive website navigation.
  • user-friendly and well-organized knowledge base on Nayax devices and applications.
  • an inspiring content hub delivering knowledge and inspiration to customers and attracting new users.
  • an offer module written in benefit-driven language and enriched with microinteractions.

Challenges and issues

  • The old website was characterized by a vast amount of unorganized industry content, representing significant but untapped marketing potential. We decided to organize the content on the site to educate users about Nayax device capabilities while simultaneously generating new quote inquiries.
  • Due to inconsistent product segmentation on the website, the offer was incomprehensible to the average user. Therefore, we reformulated it and divided it into segments.
  • The website wasn’t generating new sales inquiries, so we paid significant attention to designing an effective lead generation scheme.
  • The website was written in somewhat cryptic language, which hindered effective communication with the user. Therefore, we simplified the vocabulary, thereby reducing the distance between the audience and the site.
  • The client planned expensive performance marketing campaigns, so we proposed success metrics on the site to verify the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts carried out on the website.
  • The Polish version of the Nayax website significantly deviated from the visual guidelines of the global brand, so a significant challenge was standardizing the site with the brand’s visual principles.
Workshop work with the client on the MIRO platform – defining problems, challenges, grading goals and value propositions.

How we solved problems

We conducted the project according to the workflow:

  • Discovery – We started the project with a discovery phase, during which we conducted a series of design workshops with the client’s team. Through these workshops, we defined key risks and challenges, which were then translated into project assumptions.
  • Strategy – In the strategic stage, we defined the business and brand goals of the new website, established a work schedule, and developed success metrics for the future site. Key deliverables of this stage included the customer journey map, information architecture, and new lead generation pathways.
  • UX Design – During the design phase, we created a series of UX mockups for the new website, and after several rounds of stakeholder consultations, we began UI design.
  • User testing – To address project uncertainties at critical user journey points, we conducted usability testing combined with qualitative feedback gathering. We utilized Usabilityhub to swiftly conduct UX research.
  • Development – The final stage involved programming, during which we defined technological assumptions, created a user-friendly administrative panel, migrated content, and ensured integration with necessary tools. The new site was built on the WordPress.


As a result of implementing all stages of the process, we achieved the following results:

  • The website is over 60% faster and much more secure.
  • The flexible WordPress admin panel made it easier and faster to add new content to the blog and knowledge base.
  • The number of external tools responsible for business processes has been reduced by incorporating their functionality into the website structure (e.g., the knowledge base module).
  • A well-thought-out scheme for generating sales leads, supported by substantive content and a newly developed business offer.
  • The website’s design has been aligned with the requirements of the global Nayax brand.

Codeq successfully created a functional and bug-free website in a timely manner. The team maximized their ability, which ensured the project’s success. A skilled partner, they executed a smooth workflow through effective communications and regular meetings.

paweł ożga
Paweł Ożga Owner @ Nayax Polska

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