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Case Study

Building e-commerce for the Câlinesa startup

Câlinesa is a startup with a mission to support women in intimate matters through natural intimate hygiene products. The startup is testing the Polish and international markets through active e-commerce activities.


Our collaboration with Calinesa startup encompassed the entire process of designing and developing an online store. As part of the work, we conducted workshops on UX, UX benchmarking, desk research, based on which we developed a Customer Journey Map, UX Design, UI Design, functional benchmarking, WordPress, and WooCommerce Development, as well as the entire implementation process.

The main goal of our activities was to enter the market with the product as quickly as possible to effectively carry out the Product Market Fit process.

Challenges and issues

  • Increased sales conversions through an efficient e-commerce website that takes into account goals such as selling products in the traditional and subscription models, up-selling, shipping orders, activating promotions, etc.
  • Presenting the value proposition by communicating the benefits and advantages of the product.
  • Effective education and awareness-raising of users that they can take preventive action to avoid diseases related to intimate areas.
  • Building trust and long-term relationships with users through appropriate Tone of Voice and the scientific nature of the product.
  • Programming an efficient and easy-to-manage CMS system that will have a high capacity for future development and scaling.
  • The need for a trusted technological partner who will provide continuous technical support and access to experienced designers and developers.
Working together with the client on the MIRO platform – defining problems, challenges, grading goals and value propositions.

How we solved problems

  • We began our work with the Calinesa team at the Discovery stage, during which we conducted a project workshop and employed research methods such as analyzing existing data and business benchmarking. We defined the main goals and business assumptions of the startup, understood the genesis of the product, its value proposition, and also learned about potential target audience archetypes.
  • After summarizing and consulting the results of the workshops and research, we moved on to the strategy development stage. We created a high-level information architecture and defined the main metrics for the future website. This enabled us to determine a detailed schedule of work and move on to the active phase of designing wireframes.
  • The design stage was divided into two steps: UX wireframing and UI design. By creating low-fidelity UX wireframes, we were able to focus on optimizing the logic of individual subpages. When designing UI mockups, we devoted ourselves to saturating the site with the Calinesa brand’s feeling.
  • After developing the desktop and mobile versions of the online store, we conducted usability testing. Thanks to this, we identified and eliminated potential pain points on the purchase path related to subscription purchases.
  • The final stage of our work was to determine the technological assumptions and implement the website. We utilized WordPress and WooCommerce as the main technological stack, using the ACF PRO plugin. This fast, minimalist stack makes the store easy to manage and achieves excellent results in Core Web Vitals from the very beginning. Two programmers worked on the implementation of the project into WordPress/WooCommerce.

Our team

A dedicated team is a key step in ensuring effective and efficient project management and work in the Continuous Improvement model. We managed the project in Asana, which included a specific backlog of tasks to be implemented along with the deadline and the person responsible for a given task and area. The project involved specialists with the following roles:

  • Project Manager
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Analityk GA
  • WordPress/WooCommerce Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • DevOps


Our cooperation with the startup Calinesa consisted in designing and developing an online store. Through the design and development process, starting from UX workshops and ending with implementation, we created an effective e-commerce website that took into account the client’s needs and goals. Our activities were aimed at quickly entering the market with the product and building trust and long-term relationships with users. Thanks to our approach, we managed to solve the client’s problems, such as securing the business, proper presentation of the value proposition, user education and efficient management of the CMS system.

Polecam współpracę z Codeq wszystkim przedsiębiorcom poszukującym oddanego i sprawdzonego partnera w dziedzinie e-commerce. Ich holistyczne podejście do rozwoju e-commerce, utrzymania i zabezpieczeń było kluczowe dla sukcesu naszego sklepu internetowego.

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